LED Walls

LED walls

Bright, Brighter, Brightest

Large LED Wall Display at Prowein Trade-show

Stacking & Hanging

LED Walls exists in a lot of variaty, we can help you choose the correct product for your application. wheter your requirements are having an Indoor, Outdoor or Floor Display, build into a set or decor, hanged or stacked, our goal is to offer guidance and flexibility so your event will stand out from the rest.


Concave & Convex

More often our clients are demanding High Resolution Curved LED Wall Displays. Good preparation is half of the work done, therefore we do site visits and CAD drawings of the situation upfront to dicard any possible problems and inconsistencys during setup.


Corporate Event Presentation LED Wall Display

Lets work together

We are able to offer a wide range of AV equipment and Services, for small applications and even the biggest events